Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SG Jr Influence - One of the Coolest Guitars Ever!

While I had a SG Jr in the early 90's, my reasoning was not just because they are cool guitars, but because one of my guitar heroes loves them too and a favorite was featured in the "Shot In The Dark" video.  That's right, Mr. Jake E. Lee used one in the video.  He had said he never took it on tour though but recorded with it and others a lot.  I still love my Precision Guitar Kits SG Jr. 


  1. What about the “Fool”??? The Gibson SG owned by Eric Clapton and given to Todd Rundgen in 1969. A very Iconic Guitar. Musical Study

    1. A nice SG, but wasn't an influence on me doing my SG Jr. By the time I got in to Clapton, he had been playing Strats for years.

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