Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Not Re-finish Your Guitar

Those that know me know I am a member of the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum. One of the guys is an avid refinisher and often finds great deals on stuff and does some nice work with rattle cans. His latest acquisition is an inexpensive Jackson. Whoever the prior owner was either couldn't make up his mind on what color to paint it or had no idea what he was doing, or both. I have no doubt that when he is done with it, it will look really good. Might need to raise funds for him to get more acetone. ;-)

Check it out for yourself...... Okay, who the HELL did this refinish?

Ready, Set, Go!

It looks like all of the major content has been transferred over to this new site. There are a few small details to take care of yet but I got done what I wanted to in a relatively short time. There are some differences to how I went about things versus the other site, most notably in the content.

For the Pedal Mods, MXR Phase 90 Mods and Marshall JCM 900 MkIII pages, I decided to host them in PDF format, with the exception of a few things that are better hosted as normal site context. I had already converted them to PDF some time ago so it was just a matter of uploading the file. It certainly made it easier than copy/paste every page and have to adjust everything like I did for the PGK SG Jr. page.

Rather than having a page or two for my gear, I decided to utilize the Google photo album I had already created with everything in it, complete with descriptions. One link, done.

So now I'll work in filling in some details here and there where necessary and then looking at sharing some tips and tricks every now and then and even some stories about a few of my guitars.

-Keep Rockin'

Monday, September 23, 2013

Web Site Change

Due to limitations with my web host, I will be transitioning the content here. It may take some time for that to happen so please bear with me. This means that some links out there will be broken so hopefully through redirects and just going to the main URL will help folks find this new home and the content. My apologies but some things beyond my control and others within my control warrant this change.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Blog

So I started a blog. Not sure where it will go or what I'll write about. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to share more guitar related tips and tricks here and there, maybe some babble here and there. I haven't quite decided yet. We'll just see how it goes I guess.